North Indian Music for Slide Guitar - ebook + audio

This guitar method focuses on learning how North Indian music works and how to apply it on slide guitar.
Contents can be played on a bottleneck slide guitar, lap steel or the original Indian slide guitar.
It begins with an explanation about the North Indian music system of Ragas. Followed by how to apply the concepts in different slide guitars. Tunings, technique exercises, ornaments, and Tal or rhythm cycles.
You will learn how Indian melodies and rhythms are written in order to be able to use any Indian music dedicated material.
It also includes several compositions based on different Ragas and Talas and their development.
All the examples are written in music notation as well as tablature, each one of them accompanied by an audio file.

Arabic Music for Fretless Guitar - ebook + audio

This guitar method focuses on learning how Arabic music works and how to apply it on fretless guitar.
It begins with an explanation about the Arabic music system followed by tunings, technique exercises for left and right hand, playing microtones, ornaments, and Arabic rhythms. It also includes several pieces based on different Maqam and rhythms.
All the examples are written in music notation as well as tablature, each one of them accompanied by an audio file.

Bulgarian Music for Guitar - ebook + audio

This book focuses on learning how to play Bulgarian music on guitar.
It begins with an explanation about Bulgarian music and its instruments. How to apply it on the guitar. Understanding and practicing rhythms. It also includes several pieces based on different Bulgarian styles from the instrumental and vocal tradition. All of them arranged for solo guitar.
All the examples are written in music notation as well as tablature, each one of them accompanied by an audio file.

Chinese Music for Guitar - Book + Video

The character and variety of Chinese music combined with the sounds found in instruments like the Pipa or Guqin lend themselves perfectly to the guitar, bringing exciting new techniques, textures and sounds for the instrument. In this book with online videos, author Fernando Pérez teaches how to play several Chinese melodies arranged for solo guitar. You'll learn about Chinese traditional music, history and meaning, and notation systems. You'll also learn Pipa and Guqin style guitar techniques. The songs include: Chai Tou Feng • The Grand Hujia • Heroic Little Sisters • Moonlight Over the River in Spring. You can access the online videos of Pérez demonstrating these melodies and other video lessons using the unique code found inside each book.
Published by Hal Leonard.

The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos

The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos is a collection of compositions for steel guitar from styles including Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Country, Latin and even Chinese music. Fernando Perez's selected repertoire is perfect for the steel guitar, allowing the reader to apply techniques and tricks unique to the instrument. The book includes key explanations of different tunings and special techniques that can be applied to each composition. All the pieces are arranged for solo steel guitar and work perfectly in an ensemble context. Readers will also enjoy Perez's companion publication, The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method. Includes access to accompanying audio online.

The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method - Book+Online Audio / eBook+Online Audio

The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method is the perfect step-by-step book for beginning and intermediate steel guitar players. Fernando Perez explains in detail every technique necessary to play steel guitar in styles such as Hawaiian, Blues, Country and more. The book teaches you to apply techniques and demonstrates their various purposes. Lessons range from holding the bar efficiently to intricate slant bar harmonizing tricks. This book is an extremely well-written complete method for beginners and is a wonderful additional reference text for guitarists who can already play steel guitar. Written in notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio.

Published by Mel Bay.

Greek Music for Guitar - Instructional Book & Video

Explore the romantic and complex music of Greece, its melodies, harmonies and rhythms. Fernando Pérez teaches several Greek melodies arranged for the guitar's unique capabilities in video demonstrations available online. Songs include: Zeybekiko • Syrtaki • Karsilamas • Tsamiko • Balkan Kalamatianos • Epirus Dance • and more.

Published by Hal Leonard

Guitar and Music Cultures (English) - Instructional Book & DVD

«How many guitarists can masterfully play flamenco and then bottleneck Delta blues just as convincingly? There are eclectic, versatile guitarists, and then there is Fernando Perez.
 What Perez accomplishes is as though Michael Jordan had succeeded at baseball – and then tennis and ice hockey. To do this, he didn’t just travel the world, he lived for years in Greece, Hawaii, Egypt, India, Turkey, China, Sudan, America, and his native Spain. Wherever he went, he absorbed the indigenous music and the culture behind it.» (Vintage Guitar Magazine)


Guitar and Music Cultures offers a full repertory based on traditional music cultures from around the planet. The guitar has always been Fernando Perez’s passion, an instrument which he explores in its many forms: Spanish classical guitar, acoustic, electric, Dobros or resophonic guitars as well as African, Hawaiian kī hōʻalu (slack key) and kika kila (steel guitar), the Delta blues slide style from Mississippi, flamenco and the unique way of playing guitar in Hindustani music found in India or even the fretless Arabic guitar. He also explores new horizons reflected throughout his arrangements and compositions based on instruments of different cultures, such as the Japanese koto, Chinese pipa, African ngoni and the kora. Fernando’s compositions are an exciting and evocative journey around the globe. 


In this collection Fernando introduces original arrangements that are explained in depth. Each arrangement is presented in both standard music notation and tablature. Accompanying this collection is a DVD with each tune and example presented, so that you can easily see Fernando’s right and left hands. 


These arrangements can be played on both the classical nylon-string guitar and steel-string guitar. The repertory also includes pieces for slide guitar and even fretless guitar. Fernando will teach you pieces in the genres of classical and flamenco guitar from Spain, West African, blues, country-bluegrass, Mexican, Brasilian, Andean (Peru), Argentinean, Hawaiian, Chinese, Indian, Turkish and Greek music. 


This is the perfect collection for guitarists wishing to explore and expand their musical horizons.


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La Chitarra e le Culture Musicali (Italian) - Instructional Book & DVD

«Quanti chitarristi sono in grado di suonare con maestria il flamenco e il blues del Delta con il collo di bottiglia in modo altrettanto convincente? Ci sono chitarristi eclettici, versatili, e poi c’è Fernando Perez.
I risultati che Perez ha ottenuto, sono come se Michael Jordan avesse avuto successo nel baseball – e poi anche nel tennis e nell’hockey su ghiaccio. Per far questo, egli non si è limitato a viaggiare per il mondo, ma ha vissuto per anni in Grecia, nelle Hawaii, in Egitto, India, Turchia, Cina, nel Sudan, in America e nella sua Spagna natia. Ovunque sia stato, ha assorbito la musica indigena e la cultura che le sta dietro.» (Vintage Guitar Magazine)


La chitarra e le culture musicali offre un repertorio completo basato sulle musiche tradizionali di tutto il pianeta. La chitarra è sempre stata la passione di Fernando Perez, uno strumento che lui indaga nelle sue molteplici forme: la chitarra classica spagnola, acustica, elettrica, i dobro o chitarre resofoniche così come la chitarra africana, hawaiana kī hōʻalu (‘slack-key’) e kika kila (‘steel guitar’), lo stile slide del blues del Delta del Mississippi, il flamenco e quel modo unico di suonare la chitarra nella musica indostana, o ancora la chitarra araba fretless. Inoltre egli esplora nuovi orizzonti che si riflettono nei suoi arrangiamenti e nelle sue composizioni basate su strumenti di diverse culture, come il koto giapponese, il pipa cinese, lo ngoni e la kora africani. Le composizioni di Fernando sono un percorso emozionante e suggestivo attraverso il mondo intero. 


In questa raccolta Fernando presenta arrangiamenti originali illustrati in modo approfondito. Ogni arrangiamento è trascritto sia in notazione musicale standard che in tablatura. E il volume è accompagnato da un DVD che mostra l’esecuzione di ogni brano ed esempio, in modo tale che si possano facilmente vedere i movimenti della mano destra e sinistra di Fernando. 


Questi arrangiamenti possono essere suonati sia sulla chitarra classica con corde in nylon che sulla chitarra acustica con corde metalliche. I generi musicali che Fernando vi insegnerà sono la chitarra classica, il flamenco, la musica dell’Africa occidentale, il blues, il country-bluegrass, la musica messicana, brasiliana, andina, argentina, hawaiana, cinese, indiana, turca e greca


Questa è la raccolta ideale per i chitarristi che desiderano esplorare e ampliare i propri orizzonti musicali.

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